Are you a person that’s been settling in relationships?   Are you so tired of being alone that you’ve been selecting from Eeny, Meenie, Miney & Mo?   You thought you were selecting from the “cream of the crop” –  but all you’ve been getting are crops with no cream.   Are you with someone right now and you know you can do a whole lot better?   Have you ever wondered why when people can do better – they don’t?

Personally speaking, I know what it means to be alone and not want to be.   But at some point in your life, you just refuse to compromise any longer.   I just spoke with a married friend of mine who assured me they would trade places with me if they could.   It’s a bit perplexing to me how singles want to get married and so many married people wish they could be single again.

Listen, if you’re tired of “Mr and Ms Eeny” and tired of  “Mr and Ms Meenie”, it’s time to do something about it.  If you know you deserve better, that means you understand your value –  and that’s a good thing.   Now, it’s time to translate that into making the right choices.

Practical Points To Apply:

      • Having a child together is NOT a good enough reason to stay in a jacked-up relationship.
      • Limited choices do NOT mean you have to choose between them.   The world is much larger than the town you live in – Somebody say, Amen!  Move if you have to.  Expand your horizon.
      • Loneliness spells a much bigger issue.   When you understand your value and you understand your worth, loneliness no longer has to have residency in you.   Understanding your purpose and significance in life will bring much value to you.
      • God doesn’t create junk!  Translation:  You are a precious commodity and have been paid for with the greatest price that can ever be paid.  Royalty deserves Royalty.  Stop settling.
      • Last point:  Here’s my mantra … When you know better, do better.  If you do better, you’ll choose better.
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