Your Relationship Vs Social Media


An Anonymous person asked this question… ‘If a couple has been seeing each for six months or so, should there be an issue if they are not friends on social media?’

This was my response.  Hope it helps you too  🙂

Wow – Great Question.  However, this leads me to another question … What role does social media play in your relationships – small, big or no real role at all?  Actually, it can play a very BIG Role these days.  If both are actively engaged on social media, I cannot see a reason why they shouldn’t also be on each others friends’ lists too …. unless of course, someone is trying to hide something.   What I’ve discovered is that you can learn a WHOLE LOT about a person through their interactions with others.   Sure, I know some people have gotten really savvy by creating multiple accounts.

Let’s see …
• One for family
• One for family and friends
• One for church folks
• One for the pretender/ the person you secretly want to be
• One for family, friends and their mate

SMH … Anyway – Personally speaking, social media shouldn’t be so difficult to fix.  At the end of the day, if seeing each others comments on social medial sites creates frustration in your relationship, that spells a Much BIGGER problem down the road.   The truth is – you are probably frustrated because you are seeing something either you DON’T LIKE or something that is QUESTIONABLE.

If you both decide, our relationship is fine and we don’t need to be on each others pages, not a problem.  However, make sure you truly agree to this and it is well with your soul.

The Bottom-line:  We must be people of integrity whether we are with the person or behind the closed doors of these Social Media Sites.

Here Are Some Common Ground Agreement Pointers I believe will help the both of you:

1.  Sit down and talk about it.  You two have got to be able to communicate about these types of things without offense.
2.  Agree to establish or re-establish your friendship on social media.  This will add an awesome level of security back to the relationship.
3.  Do not feel a need to address every comment you see.  However, take mental notes if needed.  People have a way of exposing themselves when they are wrong.
4.  Take advantage of what you see to learn more about them and the things that are most important to them.
5.  If someone of the opposite sex makes a comment that’s questionable, don’t assume your mate feels the same way.
6.  Don’t use social media  like a private Investigator or a spy tool to keep tabs on your partner.
7.  Use some of what you see (with proper discernment) to evaluate and re-evaluate your relationship.
Bonus Point:  Just because you question something that’s questionable, that doesn’t make you insecure.  Don’t let anyone make you feel this way – especially when what you’ve observed is legit.  #JustMy2Cents


When you know better, do better.  When you do better, you will choose better.


Rickey E. Macklin
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