I have to keep writing on this subject because some people still just don’t get it.  I’ve watched countless social media posts where people have ‘expressed themselves’ about who they are and what they know they deserve.  And then a few days later, I see conflicting reports in their statuses and pictures.  One day Jekyll and the next day Hyde.

True – no one is perfect and we’re all prone to make mistakes.  However, a mistake is not an intentional act – especially when it’s three days in a row.   Listen, if you want to be respected, the first step is showing that you respect yourself. Just as the ole’ saying of, you are what you eat – well, you also attract what you project.

Do me a favor and truthfully judge yourself on this one.  When time permits, go back over the past week of the stuff you’ve posted and the videos you’ve shared.   This includes the new hottest social media trends like Secret, Shots, Snapchat, Wechat, We Heart It, Tinder, Medium, Vine, Bubblews and Whisper too.

Then, I want you to honestly answer this question.  If you were looking to have a long-term relationship with someone, and you happened to be perusing the stuff You put out, would You choose you based off of what you saw?   I agree with most that people take social media way too seriously.  But the problem is, for more than 90% of the people you’re connected with, that’s probably all they know about you.

Do the posts you compose and share reflect who you really are?   Do you speak encouragement at one moment while joking about others at another?   Remember, the statements that you make either on or offline are a window to who you are and can confuse people, especially a prospective mate.   These are definitely things to think about because as I’ve stated on several occasions, ‘While you’re searching or waiting for Mr/Ms Right, be assured they are doing the same for you.’   Today is a great day to redefine you.


Rickey E. Macklin
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