If he’s pursuing you, it’s because he sees wife material in you.  He’s looking for a wife – not a girlfriend, a jump-off or a best-friend.  Those days are over.

He doesn’t play games.  Sure, he may have had his share in the past, but those days are long gone too.   He’s very clear about who he is and what he wants.

He’s concerned about security.  Financial security means a lot to him.  He carries a deep burden within to ensure he’s able to meet all present and future financial obligations.

He’s decisive.  He doesn’t entertain or pursue multiple options at the same time.  He makes a decision and goes for it – even if it turns out to be a wrong decision.

He’s responsible.  He takes complete ownership of his decisions.  He doesn’t cast the blame on others.

He hates drama.  I’m not sure how else to say this other than drama is an environment he doesn’t fare well in.   He’d rather be alone.

He still desires an attractive woman.  This doesn’t make him vain or empty.  Beauty without brains is a definite no for him, but beauty with brains is always a plus.

He’s not looking for mom.  While he’s not looking for mom, be assured that he’ll be looking for someone that has some of his mom’s traits.  Why shouldn’t he – especially when she’s been one of the most influential feminine figures in his life?

He needs help.  As ambitious as he may be, he needs help!  He clearly understands that he has not been called to go it alone.  He may be doing great alone with God, but he understands where he really envision going requires an awesome earthly helpmeet.

He still loves sex.  Yes, I finally got here.  The great thing is he has learned how to maturely handle this desire.  He’s disciplined.

By Rickey E. Macklin – CourtshipVsDating.com Founder

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