7 Ways to know you’re in a relationship with a Godly Woman

Clear Vision - Courtship vs Dating

#1  She is clear about whom she wants and what she wants in the relationship.

There is no second-guessing about her choice and no second-guessing about what she wants. When she commits, she does it 100.   A Godly woman won’t play games with your emotions and neither does she tolerate games. There is not second option and no ‘ex’ to revisit when things aren’t working out. She’s either all in or she’s all out. When she commits, she does so wholeheartedly with an end result in mind.  She’s not looking to be a girlfriend.  She’s in anticipation of one day becoming a wife.



Praying woman hands - Courtship vs Dating

#2  She prays with you and for you.  

She’s a woman of faith and prayer. She’s not easily moved by what she sees. She’s a firm believer that spending time will God can change any situation. When things aren’t going so well in the relationship, her first order of business is not an argument, but prayer.


 wife - Courtship vs Dating

#3  She refuses to play house and live with you or allow you to move in.

As pure as her love is for you and as much as she wants the best for you, she is not going to play house or assume the wife role for a man she’s not married to. She will help you bring order to the disorder in your life, BUT she will not become the responsible party. The house is yours; the bills are yours; the laundry is yours; the grocery shopping and meals to cook are yours too. She clearly understands that a ‘wife benefits’ only comes within the parameter of the sacred union of marriage.


Relationship Advice - Courtship vs Dating

 #4  She won’t pressure you to have sex before saying ‘I do.’

She will not pressure, coerce, beg, tempt or make you feel guilty about not giving her any. While it may be true that men tend to be more focused on this area, there are a great number of women who are too.   Through prayer, a Godly woman manages both her emotions and sexual desires well.  She doesn’t need to test out the equipment to ensure it works to her satisfaction before saying ‘I do.’  Purity comes at a cost, but it’s a price she’s willing to pay. She trusts God that the benefits of waiting will be well worth it.


Are You Dating a Godly Woman?

#5  She won’t degrade, belittle or use foul language towards you, around you or at you.

She honors and respects you. She esteems you highly. She understands the power of her words. Once spoken, they can never be retracted. Instead of cursing you, she blesses you. Instead up pulling you down, she builds you up. Instead of letting you deal with hard times alone, she comforts and supports you through it. She is her man’s number one supporter.


 God - Courtship vs Dating

#6  She puts God before you.

She loves you, but she loves God more. She refuses to make an idol out of you by putting your needs before God’s requirements.   Although she trusts your leadership, if your leadership is taking her in a direction that’s contrary to God’s word, without question, she sticks to God’s word. This has nothing to do with her love for you, but her loyalty is to God first.



Love - Courtship vs Dating

#7  She loves you unconditionally

Life has its challenges, but this Godly woman is unrelenting in her unconditional love for you.   Through your seasons of life if you gain plenty or lose much; if you’re healthy enough to run a marathon or recovering from a sickness; if you become a successful entrepreneur or suffer a major layoff; if you gain fifty pounds or lose twenty; if you buy her a dream home or have to move into an apartment (in marriage); her love for you doesn’t change. It is unhindered by it all.   This woman loves you unconditionally.

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