7 Caution Tips To Finding Love Online

These 7 Caution Tips To Finding Love Online is critical, because it guards you from people of ill intentions and prepares you for a healthy relationship.  Here are some online tips from the chapter “Online Dating” in my book “Real Talk Relationship Tips“.  My sharing these doesn’t mean I advocate dating online per se.  However, since a number of people on our sites are doing it anyway, I thought I would give them something to work with.  Admittedly, I do know of some wonderful success stories.   Note that these are not necessarily given in the order of importance.   Be sure to give me your thoughts in the end.


7 Caution Tips To Meeting Online

Desperate People

#1  Desperation is never the right motive to do anything.

Are you simply tired of waiting and meeting the wrong people and now somehow feel like this is your LAST option?  Listen, desperation is never the right motive to do anything.   As I always say, desperate people do desperate things, make desperate decisions and end up in desperate situations.  How it ends is not difficult to figure out.


7 Caution Tips To Meeting Online

Personal Information

#2  Don’t tell someone you’ve never met “All of Your Business!”

Keep your bank account information, children’s personal information, and living address to yourself.  Within three weeks of conversing online, he or she doesn’t need to know all of that.  By the way, a BIG Red Flag is when the person of interest seems to be the perfect person, captures your emotions, and then asks for money.  Who does that?  You would be surprised.


7 Caution Tips To Meeting Online

Guard Your Heart

#3 Guard your heart.

Until you meet that person – in person, it’s simply an “electronic friendship/relationship.”  You may not like what I’m saying, but it is what it is and it’s not what it’s not.  Don’t create a fantasy relationship with someone who may never become a part of your reality.  I understand the difficulty of this when you’ve been alone for a while, but learning to manage your emotions now will save you from a lot of heartbreaks in the future.  (Proverbs 4:23)


7 Caution Tips To Meeting Online

Sheep clothing

#4 Remember that online sites foster an environment where you can easily be deceived.

The difficulty in this tip is that at first it’s hard to distinguish a lie from a truth – unless of course you’re following the person on social media sites.  Regardless, pray that the person of interested is not simply painting a picture of themselves identical to what you want.  Again, be cautious about sharing too much too soon.   Online one can very easily become someone else, or provide you with pictures of how they looked ten years ago.


7 Caution Tips To Meeting Online

Dating Sites

#5 Don’t be fooled.

Just because they’re on a Christian dating site doesn’t mean they’re Christians. There will always be perpetrators and pretenders in the church, and outside of the church.  Again, this is where prayer comes in handy.  Deception is dangerous!  Every tree is known by the fruit it bears.  Pay close attention to the fruit.  Keep your eyes wide opened so that you are not be fooled.


7 Caution Tips To Meeting Online

Criminal Background Check

#6  Background checks needed.

Typically, I might not say this, but in the times we’re living in, do a background check as soon as you learn their real name. There are some things you really need to know after the first conversation.   Yes, I know – and in some cases before.  I’m not suggesting that you be cynical, but please use wisdom and common sense. (US Background Check)


7 Caution Tips To Meeting Online


7#  Everything in life has a timestamp attached to it.

So should the amount of time you invest before meeting the person. Don’t allow your social communication to become a substitute for reality. In other words, plan to meet face-to-face before you become emotionally attached. Time is one of the most valuable commodities we have been given by God. Be sure not to waste on people of ill intent.

Hope these help you in your journey.   Sometimes it’s difficult to discern whom the right person, but it becomes a lot easier when you know whom to eliminate.

Thanks for checking this out 7 Caution Tips To Finding Love Online.  Be sure to also check out  5 Ways To Know You’re With Mr. Right and Pre-Courtship Checklist.  Don’t forget to leave you comment and please – do share.

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