Great Relationships Happen

When you…



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  • Understand your true identity

If you define yourself by how many likes you get on social media, there is a serious problem.  I have created posts that have generated thousands of likes and others that gotten only 20. The number of likes you receive or fans/followers you have is not a measure of who you are.

In addition, if the number of likes you get depends on how scandalous your pictures are there is another serious problem.  The people who are liking your posts don’t value you.  They are simply enticed and entertained by what you are putting on display.

As the ole folks used to say, “Leave some things up to the imagination”.  Everyone does not need to see all your goodies. Some stuff should be reserved for the man or woman you will one day marry.

People who care and value you will not have to rely on Facebook or Instagram to tell you how they feel.  The truth is that you cannot depend on people to tell you who you are. Your validation cannot come from such unreliable sources.   People chance and their view of you could change, also. Your value and your worth can only truly come from The One who made you … whom, by the way is God. And His Word states that you are fearfully and wonderfully made.



  • Understand the world doesn’t revolve around you

For some of you, this blog post might be the wake-up you need. I would like to say that although you are wonderful, the world does not revolve around you. If you believe the world is your footstool and you’re the supreme ruler of the universe, you will forever be alone.

Know that love is self-less not selfish. It thinks of the other person and how to give to them first…not to the detriment of self, but to the betterment of the relationship. The prime example of this is found in 1 Corinthians 13 where it states that love is not selfish…it does not seek its own.

If your thought process puts you and only you first, it makes you nothing more than a self-absorbed, egotistical, controlling, selfish and self-centered individual.  That does not exhibit God’s best for His Children.  Until you change, no relationship you engage in will ever work.



  • Understand the purpose and meaning of your life

A late mentor of mine, Dr. Myles Monroe, once stated that true fulfillment can only come from discovering the purpose of a thing and seeing that purpose fulfilled.  Have you ever seen or met people who have tried at least 6 different business ideas and none of them worked?  All of them were short-lived and none of them provided real fulfillment.  Although I admire the passion and perseverance of these individuals, it eventually leaves them frustrated in the end.

There could be a number of reasons that those businesses have not prospered. However, one of the main reasons is that we do not take the time to understand who we are and whose we are. This is a vital key in fulfilling our purpose. In order to do that,  it is imperative that we take the time to seek God and consult His Word, which is Our Owner’s Manual.

Remember, He is our Ultimate Manufacturer. He knows our intended purpose and the way that we should go about fulfilling our destiny. Only when we consult Him will we truly understand our identity and original intent. As a result, we become enlightened regarding our purpose and the meaning of our life.




  • Understand your looks may draw a person, but its what’s on the inside of that will either capture their hearts or push them away

As gorgeous or as handsome as you might be, if your inside doesn’t match or exceed your physical attributes, chances are that the people you so easily draw, because of your outer attractiveness, will not hang around for long.   This works both ways…if you are with someone who is pleasing to the eyes, but they have inner struggles and hurts that have not dealt with, they can push you away even though you may be the one that God has sent to their life.

Take some time to do a bit of introspection.  Make sure that the broken places in your life have been healed.  Ensure that you are emotionally healthy.  As I always say, the person in your life should complement you and enhance you.  And though this is therapeutic, they are not your therapist.  Without this, chances are you will sabotage every relationship you enter.

Great relationships are happening all around you, but they are happening because people have gotten to know themselves and their purpose in life, they have discovered that no relationship can thrive in the midst of selfishness, and they have taken the time to be healed and to be a whole person before engaging in the relationship.  With this foundation, I pray that you will one day be able to share how you managed to have a great relationship too.

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