Marriage Won’t Fix It

There are so many misconceptions regarding marriage.  One of the main ones is the belief that if you marry the right person, it would solve all your problems.  All your bills would be paid.  You would finally be happy.  All your past hurts would be healed.    Somehow there are people who are convinced that marriage would fix all of these plus more.  However, marriage won’t fix it and neither was it desgined to.

Below is a list of things our Facebook friends cited that marriage will not fix. Some of the responders are divorced and have listed points from their own personal experiences.

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Here are some of them:

  • It won’t make a disrespectful person respectable
  • It won’t make a financially irresponsible person financially responsible
  • It won’t fix self-esteem issues
  • It won’t make a person who dishonors you honor you
  • It won’t make a person responsible
  • It won’t fix infidelity
  • It won’t fix a bad attitude
  • It won’t relieve a person of demons, addictions or unhealthy soul-ties
  • It won’t fix trust issues
  • It won’t make a person whole
  • It won’t fix past hurts or depression
  • It won’t fix crooked character
  • It won’t produce a person of integrity
  • It won’t make you love yourself
  • It won’t fix someone’s relationship with God
  • It won’t do a thing to change that person you see in the mirror

The fact is – you are who you are.  And it is that person you will carry into marriage IF you do not address these issues first.  All marriage will do is expose and exacerbate them.

So, before saying ‘I do’, spend a bit of time alone, with God, to tackle these things first.


Rickey E. Macklin
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