New Home Buyers Tips and Expectations

A buddy of mine just purchased a home and wanted to share a few tips and expectations when moving into a new home.


1.      Money, Money, and More Money. (Save for earnest deposit, down payment, furniture, emergencies, etc.)

2.      Do your research on the different types on loans.

Bonus:  Build your credit score. (This will help tremendously on lowering your loan interest rate)

3.      Ask about state and builders incentives.

4.      Compromise. (If married – amenities)

5.      Remain Flexible. (Unexpected change of plans.  Every change is not a reason to walk away.)

6.      Have a Proven Real Estate Agent.  This is a must!

7.      Be prepared to let a lot of old items go. (De-cluttering time)

8.      Keep track of all important paperwork. (Contract and all legal paperwork)

9.      Keep track of Sensitive paperwork. (Personal records i.e., pay stubs, birth certificates, bank account statements, social security card, etc.)

10.  Be prepared for unexpected expenses even in the New Home.

11.  Be prepared to take days off from work.

12. This is not  listed as #1 but, it is First, – Pray and Trust God in all things you do.


Feel free to share some of your tips in the comment section.



Rickey E. Macklin
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