What It Means To Be Single?

(Single Ladies)

Guest Blogger: Adaisha Hendrix


Hey Ladies!  I want to do a quick blog on what it means to be single as a lady!  Yes, I am currently single myself, but I wanted to address a few things.  I’ve come across tons of posts about being single and most of them pertain to being lonely and miserable.  Honey, let me just say this, you are your first love!  It may sound a bit cliché, but no one knows you like you know yourself besides God!  A man cannot and WILL NOT sustain you.

Trust me when I tell you there were times I thought that having a little boyfriend would keep me sane and bring me great joy.  However, it only brought pain, rejection, and guilt.  My focus was in the wrong place.  Being single should be one of the best times of your life!  I’m not saying the desire for marriage shouldn’t be on your mind, but you shouldn’t become so focused on just being marriage.

As women, we can become so easily distracted with things in life – particularly with social media.  However, we must discipline ourselves and sometimes take breaks away from it.  When we let social media rule our lives, we see people getting married and all of sudden we become jealous and question God saying, “Lord when will it be my turn?”  Some even feel that way when they see people entering into new relationships.  Listen, God knows when it’s your turn!  Don’t let your current feelings rush you into a compromised relationship with a man that only has half of what you want. Feelings change, my friend.  Trust me when I tell you that you are going to want someone God ordained – NOT God disapproved!

In this single season of your life, build your relationship with God first.  Learn His voice, Study His word, and Trust His timing.  God desires to meet Our desires that matches up with His will.  Be anxious for nothing! (Philippians 4:6) That includes having a MAN, MONEY, ETC.

I encourage you to start journaling your day-to-day life if you haven’t.  If you are having dreams, please write them down.  If any of them come to pass, make a check mark next to them as a reminder of God’s faithfulness.  This skill will help build your faith, show God that you are paying attention, and allow God to trust you with even more.  God loves a consistent relationship.  If there is someone of interest that is pursuing you, also journal his name and your thoughts when you think of him.  Listen for God’s voice and be mindful that He can speak in different ways, whether it’s His audible voice, through a dream, or in a vision.  He is always faithful.  Trust me friend, He looks out for us and has our best interest at heart!!!   In God, our singleness does not equate to loneliness.

So, continue to trust God’s timing.  He’s about to blow your mind with something amazing!!!  Remain faithful, fast, pray, and be busy about the kingdom work of God.  Get busy in your local church, volunteer in your community, go on girl’s trips, etc.  Let’s not focus so much on a “man” and “why we are still single” that we lose sight of what it is we are actually called to do – our purpose.

Stay focused!  Love you guys!


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Thanks for checking this article out!

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