Season of Singleness


Listen, I know we often wonder a million “whys” as to our current singleness and sometimes we even blame ourselves. We say things like: “What’s wrong with me?” “If I had only done things differently when I was younger…” “I got so much baggage no one will ever want me.” I happen to believe, however, that where we are at this very moment is all a part of God’s process. And perhaps it’s not so much about what we’ve done and/or the choices we’ve made as it is what God is trying to develop within us. I believe it’s during this season that our character is developed and our sense is sharpened to discern good and evil.

The fact that you are still single is clear to me that God has a plan and a product in mind. If the end product, in God’s eyes, is a man or woman who is complete in Christ, is mature enough to handle a relationship, and has eyes to discern the good from the bad, then everything that’s happening during this season is necessary to produce that product.


As we jump into these first set of tips, I pray that at the end you’ll be able to both embrace and appreciate your current season.

*** This is an excerpt from my book “Real Talk Relationship Tips”.  It’s available here in my bookstore and on Amazon (paperback and e-book).  Reviews are welcome! ***

Rickey E. Macklin



Rickey E. Macklin
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