A Graduation Letter to My Little Sister (And all the graduates out there)

Guest Blogger: Nalu Shakalima 

It is graduation season and all over people are graduating from high school or college. This college season our family celebrated the graduation of my sister from college. She is the youngest of the family and I am so proud of her for achieving this accomplishment.


ow I know graduating college or university is one of the most pivotal points in someone’s life.  For most people, you are at the brink of independence and becoming an adult. It is a time where you learn how to stand on your feet.

Since it’s been a year since I graduated and began my career as a nurse,

I have learned a couple things that I would like to  pass on to her as she begins this journey as a graduate from college.

I wrote this open letter for her. And I hope if you are graduate this will help you out too.

Hey You,

You made it!  You graduated from college and I’m so proud of you. Let’s be honest college isn’t easy and it is pretty hard.

But year after year graduates like you make it look easy. I’m sure you learned a lot of life lessons during your college years. But you are moving onto your next step – adulthood. I’ve got a few tips for you that I hope will help you out.

1. Never stop trying to improve yourself personally, emotionally, financially, and academically – because guess what? The learning never stops.

2. Be open minded. Life is very different once you are making it on your own. I know I’ve been there.  Sometimes, it won’t go exactly as you planned. Don’t get stressed out or wound up in frustration – find another way around it. There is always  another way.

3. When it comes to finances – save, save, save. I can’t stress this point enough. Get into the habit of saving and having a savings account. Even if it is small amount such as $5-$10 out of your pay check. Saving will help you when unforeseeable emergencies pop up in the future and will help you make your future financially secure.

4. Be responsible about your credit score when you get one. If you are able to pay off the amount  you have on your cards or account do so. If not, pay your minimum bills on time. Be careful about applying for accounts or loans  as these will  cause hard inquiries to show up on your account and bring your score down.

5. Be open when it comes to love. When you are least expect it, it comes in the most unexpected way. And usually from the person you least expect it to be with. Be willing to take a chance with someone. However, always remember your standards and never let anyone make you feel less than you are.

6. Have fun! In all the seriousness of being an adult, don’t forget to let loose  and have fun. Life is too short. Sing off key in the shower or dance around in your underwear  – you’ve worked hard enough to do so 😉

7. This leads to my next point.  Travel, go places you have never been, meet new people and make friends. Find and connect with people who believe in the same things as you do. Try new things and step out of your comfort zone. This is time to conquer your fears and make yourself uncomfortable – you’ll be glad you did.

8. Lastly, if you don’t take anything away from what I said – listen to this: Embrace yourself for who you are. You are enough. You are worthy and you deserve the best.  Remember that. Love yourself for who you are, who you’ve been and who you are becoming.

This is the exciting part, you worked hard and got that degree. Now it is time to spread your wings, fly and show the world what you can do.


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