Men Relationship Priorities

When it comes to pursing women, which is what we do as men, it’s important that our relationship priorities are in order.  As much as we are enamored by beauty and have great appetites for sex, when seeking out a wife, it’s unreasonable to think that those things alone will produce a happy and successful marriage.

For a moment, think of the woman you’re presently interested in.  Is she worth your pursuit?  Is she worth the time and investment you are about to pour into her?  Could it be that you are simply mesmerized by her beauty?  Has she captured your heart or capture your physical desires?   There’s nothing wrong with having a beautify woman.  To be honest, many of the men in the bible had beautiful wives.  However, if it’s just about her beauty, her soft voice, and her captivating body, soon and very soon you will be in for an awakening.



When the honeymoon phase of meeting her has passed, you’ll have to deal with who she really is.

So, my brothers, here are a few things to consider as a visionary:

Will she support your dreams, visions, and ambitions?

Will she stay loyal to you when you have much and if you have little?

Will she stick by your side in the good times and in the bad times?

Will she support your leadership role in the home and treat you like The Man?

Is she forgiving or does she hold grudges?

If hard times were to come, would she build you up in prayer and encouragement or would she destroy you with her tongue?



Bottomline question is can you trust her with your heart and with your destiny?

I encourage the ladies a lot regarding choices, but you deserve someone with real substance too bro.

So, in your choosing of a wife, be wise in your selection.  Choose a confidant and a best friend for life.  If you are already in a relationship, here are 10 Relationship Pointers I believe will be good for you to maintain balance in your relationship.

-Rickey E. Macklin


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