Accepting God’s Best

Guest Blogger: Christian Galloway

As a Christian woman who is also a single mother, Navy veteran, author, and speaker, I am enjoying this moment of embracing my life and what all I have accomplished and learned. I have so much to be grateful for as I have truly come a long way.  I can remember some years ago when I was trying to find my way and place in life, and I was so wrapped up and focused on the thought of being married that I was missing out on the true meaning of living. I always say God has a sense of humor. God will allow you to have “fun” until He says enough is enough. And when it gets to that point, we are caught with tears in our eyes and looking to Him to come to rescue us.










Before my son, I would date around. To be honest, I wasn’t dating with a purpose; but I was open to getting married if the relationship had led to that point. I won’t get deep into the details because I talk about it in my book, What My Daddy Told Me to Tell You. But I’ve been in relationships where I knew my value but still settled for less because it seemed at the time that “good men” no longer existed. In fact, I can remember looking back at my childhood ages and realizing that I didn’t have any good examples that would make me say, “when I grow up, I want a husband like that…”. Needless to say, I hadn’t been exposed to chivalry while growing up, let alone even knew what it meant. So, that being said, I settled for what I believed to have been a decent man. Eventually, I became tired and decided to just work on me and care for my son.

It wasn’t until I sat down and had a heart to heart talk with God about how I felt and what I wanted for my life. I started praying and asking God to reveal to me what He wanted for me. So, I started seeking Him to see what it was that was causing this sudden uncomfortable feeling and restless nights I was experiencing from day today. It felt like I was supposed to be doing something more with my life, but I wasn’t sure what to do and neither was I connected to anyone who could help make the change. I just knew that if I brought to my Daddy, He would eventually reveal to me what He wanted me to do. So, I surrendered to God and as we began our journey together, He led me to begin walking in my purpose. My mindset shifted from what I wanted to do in life to now how can I please my Heavenly Father.

As I mentioned earlier, I am a single mother. Being a single parent requires a lot of attention and energy.  So sometimes my days with my son are crazy (in a good way), but he was necessary as I always tell people. I am finally at a time in my life where I can honestly say that I am content in my singleness. I am focused on being the best mother I can to my son, being the best version of myself, and walking in purpose. So, for anyone out there who is thinking about when God will present you to your King or Queen, just remember Psalm 84:11 tells us, “For the Lord God is a sun and shield; the Lord bestows favor and honor. No good thing does he withhold from those who walk uprightly.”

As I was writing, my son told me, “It takes courage to stay alone, do good, and change the world”. Let that sink! 

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