Seven Relationship Power-Points

These are seven relationship power-points to apply and live by.

#1 – Your Dad and Mom were Right.

“Everything that looks good to you ain’t good for you.” Unfortunately, it took a while for many of us to figure that out. (1 Sam 16:7)

#2 – Stay Out of Dead-end Relationships.

Your time and emotions are much too valuable to waste. Use wisdom and choose wisely. You really can tell if some people aren’t about anything from the very beginning IF you ask the right kind of questions.













#3 – Always Be True to Yourself.

Six days in the gym to get ripped, Eyelashes, Waist Trainers, and Botox – Six and Seven figure jobs … All of those things may sound wonderful – to some!

The problem is when the Real you is INCOGNITO hiding out. Never lose sight of the real you while perpetuating someone else because that’s the person he/she will be marrying. Always be true to thine own self AND the person you’re seeing too.

#4 – Misery Truly Loves Company.

Stop hanging around people who think that ALL relationships are pointless and every person out there will inevitably break your heart. The fact that their relationship or marriage did not work is in no way a reflection on yours! Poisonous people Poisons people. Get as far away as you can.

#5 – The thought you are struggling with is valid.

If over the past three months of your relationship you’ve been waking up each morning telling yourself “I deserve better than this,” there’s a GREAT chance you’re right my friend. What happens over the next month is up to you. Remember that Nothing changes until Something changes. #JustSayn






















#6 – If you are convinced that no one will ever be capable of loving you the way you truly deserve to be loved, there’s a good chance that no one will.

The truth is someone can – IF you allow him or her to. Perhaps the real issue is that you have not been allowing anyone the opportunity. I don’t know… Maybe you’re still bitter or hurt from a past relationship… Maybe you’re sabotaging relationships before they get to the point of love… Either way, it’s time for a renewal of your mind.


#7 – Good things come to those who KNOW what they’re waiting for.

You have to be able to identify what fits your criteria OR your waiting could be in vain. Take some time and get a clear picture of what you know you deserve and the kind of person that fits into God’s plan for your future. Remember that Purpose attracts Purpose … Everything else is fringed benefits.

By the way, with or without a mate, these 4 Secrets To a Great Relationship will be awesome for you too!

Rickey E. Macklin
7 points of power for singles
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