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After encountering one of his

presentations, people walk away feeling

more confident, more informed and

more dedicated to their purpose, passion

and assignment as they march towards

their destiny.

Rickey was born in Camden, SC

and is a graduate of South Carolina

State University. He later received a

Masters in Theological Studies from

National Bible College and Seminary

(Fort Washington, MD). Later, as

a Professor at the Jericho Christian

Training College, he taught “Christian

Apologetics” and “Courtship vs Dating”

for many years.

For 10 years, Rickey served as Director

of the Singles Ministry at the Jericho

City of Praise (Landover, MD) and five

years as Co-Director. He has seen his

share of challenges that both single and

married people face. He has committed

much attention to those who are

single, engaged, married, divorced and

remarried. As a result, Rickey started

an on-line group called “Courtship

Verses Dating.”With this group, he

has reached and continues to reach and

assisted over forty-five thousand people

all over the world in areas ranging from

purpose to relationships to the everyday

challenges of the Christian faith.

Additionally, for many years Rickey

served as a Youth Ministry leader where

he experienced the weekly opportunity

of impacting young people’s lives and

assisting them in unlocking the doors

to their destinies.The young people

were taught to stand on I Timothy 4:12

and have lives that are characterized by

spiritual courage, holiness, charity, faith,

purity and the ability to think critically

and act upon the issues facing their


Through his books, on-line bible

study tools, college classes, workshops,