Back To The Scene of the Crime

Back To The Scene of the Crime

Freedom won't come until one becomes naked and unashamed.

Breaking Unfruitful Patterns by bringing Hidden Things to Light

This Self-Help book walks you through one woman's journey and pattern of low self-worth, low self-esteem, and unhealthy relationships to acknowledging her need to heal and be set free from unforgiveness, bitterness, rejection, compromise and fear. Assuming a position of surrender before God would be the remedy that she had searched for all of her life.


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About the Book

This Self-Help book walks you through one woman’s journey and pattern of low self-worth, low self-esteem, and unhealthy relationships to acknowledging her need to heal and be set free from unforgiveness, bitterness, rejection, compromise and fear. This acknowledgement came as she let down her guard and poured out her broken heart before God and He, in turn, began to pour out onto and into her His Love, Healing and Redeeming power. Truly one cannot be set free from what hinders or holds them bound until they become naked and unashamed before the only one who can bring them out and make all things new.

Genres: Christian Living, Thriller
ASIN: 1533277036
ISBN: 9781533277039
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I loved this book. It was told from a real life perspective and you can feel and relate to the journey of the writer. I can't wait until her next book!!
– Samantha Sutton
Many times we as Christians hide behind a facade pretending everything is great. We put on our church smiles as soon as we drive onto the church parking lot when we know full well that we don't have our lives together. So it is with great pleasure that I highly recommend this extremely honest autobiographical book which is a testament to how God's grace and mercy can bring us through life's struggles and which highlights the transformation that occurs when we submit our lives to His will. This book is a must read for anyone needing encouragement as they battle inner and external struggles while trying to maintain their Christian walk.
– Beverly O'Neal
Debrayta Salley is an extraordinary Christian author. She expresses herself with such openness with regards to her personal life experiences. It is an autobiographical account of a young womans loss of innocence, to the reality of a world of deception and pain; yet through it all by her will to fight on, and the unmerited grace of God, she becomes a "woman of God's glory. I am deeply honored to have hosted her on my Christian talkshow: "Let's Glory In the LORD" on blogtalkradio.
– Dr. Desiree Evans, Evangelist
Back To The Scene of the Crime: Breaking Unfruitful Patterns by Bringing Hidden Things to Light is like a girlfriend conversation, BUT it goes beyond that. As I read, I felt that my friend was sharing her personal experience with me as a life lesson for me to use for my own growth. Dee Salley is a compassionate, empathetic woman of God... not a religious, judgemental person. That shows through in all of her writing. Reading her story and listening to her advice is going to change your life. She uses this book to coach you through the process of transformation, as you participate in the journalling exercises that she provides. I have been so blessed to know her personally, and now to know more about her story has impacted me in a much deeper way. Now I see why she is such a wise and compassionate person.
– Donna Marie Johnson, Web Marketing Agency CEO
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About the Author
Debrayta Salley

Debrayta (Dee) Salley is an empathetic and resilient God-fearing woman who enjoys writing, reading, and sharing the goodness of the Lord Jesus Christ. She has been an Accounting professional by vocation for over 25 years; however, in October, 2010, she also realized a longtime dream to become a Certified Life Coach. She has a gift and passion for writing and has been anointed by God to compassionately help others unlock the broken and hidden places of life and draw them into the Lord’s light for healing, restoration, and renewal. She is a fighter and an overcomer who has survived many challenging life transitions and a host of other test and trials which have made her the woman of faith she is today. Ms. Salley has been blessed with the opportunity to share her stories of perseverance and faith as an Author in multiple Published Works including her Memoir: Back to the Scene of the Crime: Breaking Unfruitful Patterns by Bringing Hidden Things to Light {May, 2016} several book collaborations including: Volumes I & II of the Cheers to your Success Anthology with her chapters titled: Liberated for His Purpose{2010}and Humbled and stripped to be raised and clothed for service {2012}; Cultivating Your It Factor: 14 Must Haves to Discover, Define and Refine Your Signature Brand {2015} and more recently, Notes to Younger Women {January, 2017}. In addition, since 2010, she has been honored and blessed to share her stories of faith; truth and resilience through various media exchanges such as several Blog talk Radio shows, virtual teleseminars. And also during live events such as Women’s conferences, and Youth retreats.

In 2012, after many years of running and denying God’s voice, nudging and allowing fear to rule, Ms. Salley accepted her life calling to minister to, support and serve women of all ages and encourage the Body of Christ through the Word of God to Live Life More Abundantly. Her assignment includes encouraging young ladies to make conscious decisions that will render them better life experiences and assisting adult women in (1) successfully maneuvering life transitions, (2) setting strategies for goal completion, and (3) helping them uncover and break down roadblocks that may hinder their progress. She endeavors to always put God first and live a life of Purpose and Abundance by being a willing vessel in using her God-given gifts, skills and abilities to make a difference in the lives of others and Glorify God in the earth. Ms. Salley understands that she is blessed to be a blessing and has survived some of life’s struggles and challenges so that her life can be a witness and testimony to someone else that God will never leave you nor forsake you and through His strength, you can overcome anything!

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