Life Speaks

Life Speaks

Be the king of your life on a scavenger hunt looking for answers to what is still unfolding

Life Speaks is packed full of compelling moments that encourages readers to be certain of God's purpose, providence and presence in their life.

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About the Book

Experience this journey with Tammy through loss, tragedy and new beginnings. She goes beyond hearing God has a plan for her life, into seeing how He unfolds it and shows His mindfulness towards her. After seeing how He really is working all things for our good, Tammy now calls God a Master Strategist. As we walk through life with Him, He guides, directs and speaks.

Genres: Christian Living, Inspirational
ISBN: 9780997535808
List Price: 13.45
eBook Price: 5.99
Life Speaks, Truly Speaks Life into its Readers, Reading this book , I literally had to take time, and take a deep breath, a deep breath of Release, Freedom, but also a Breath of Compassion. I think often times when we share our personal journeys of hurt, downfalls, love, bliss, rebirth, we are not always sure how others will perceive it. However Tammy did an outstanding job in letting the readers know that even if they had or had not been through some of the things she has went through, that there was GREATNESS on the Other Side of OBSTACLES that we may face in life. This is a book that deals with what happens when life Really breaks down You Personally, Mentally, Emotionally and also Spiritually. This book is about Taking BACK your LIFE in this world..When the harshness of life has knocked you down. LIFE TRULY SPEAKS!!
– Bianca Fly, Host of The Beautiful Butterfly Show
I ABSOLUTELY love this book!! It definitely reminds you that, your plans are not always God's plans and that he knows what's best for us because He see the beginning and the end! After reading this book it made me feel at ease knowing that God is always there! I'm waiting for book #2!!
– Amazon Customer
I must say this book is needed. The final LIFE Expression summed things up perfectly. " In life, you experience moments that take your breath away.... Then there are moments that knock the wind out of you.... At the end of each moment, you are still breathing." I saw myself in similar situations and a lot that I hadn't addressed (whether intentionally or not), now has. This book will definitely make you think, do some self-inventory and go get your life. Thank you for your transparency!
– G. Chiles
So, you’re supposed to work through this book with time. Read each chapter, then pause, pray, reflect, and listen. I wanted to do all the above but it was such a good book, I finished it in a sitting. At the end of each chapter, I wanted to jump into the next one. Reading the life of Minister Tammy was awe inspiring and moving. Seeing that the journeys of life serve a purpose to get you where God wants you to be urges all readers to seriously pause, pray, reflect, and listen to where God is directing you. Big kudos to Life Speaks!
– Gabrielle Williams
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About the Author
Tammy Carpenter

As an advocate of love and life, Tammy Carpenter firmly believes that love covers a
multitude of sin and that we are to LIVE an abundant life as God has promised. While
she enjoys her career as a Software Consultant, Tammy’s passion is to see young women live the full, abundant life that God has purposed for them.

Tammy merged her passion for helping young adult women with lessons from her life
and personal experiences and founded enLife in 2013. enLife is a nonprofit, 501(c)3
organization with a focus on building and impacting the lives of young adult women.
enLife offers programs and resources to help young women succeed through life

Tammy is a published author, and she is also the founder of Effectual Concepts, a
consulting firm that offers services for aspiring authors that desire to self-publish and
personal development workshops for varying audiences.

Tammy is a native of and resides in Greenville, South Carolina. For over 20 years, Tammy
has served in various capacities in ministry including Youth/Young Adult Ministry,
Women’s Ministry and Administration. She is a member of Changing Your Mind
Ministries (CYMM) in Greenville, SC under the leadership of Pastor Wendell & Lady Nita
Jones. Tammy is a licensed Minister and serves on the Ministerial Staff at CYMM.

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