Real Talk Relationship Tips: A Biblical Perspective

Real Talk Relationship Tips: A Biblical Perspective

Subjects that are introduced cover a wide range of topics from: dating, courtship, sexual purity, rejection, adultery, walking away, commitment, choosing the right one, starting over again, and more. So, get ready for an incredible journey.

Are you in a romantic rut, wondering if you should date again or whom you should marry? Learn how to find love without losing their way.

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About the Book

Are you in a romantic rut, wondering if you should date again or whom you should marry?

After eighteen years leading a singles ministry and counseling couples, Christian Life Coach Rickey Macklin has led hundreds of distressed, marriage-minded men and women into healing, deliverance, and victorious relationships through practical, no-nonsense, biblical advice-real talk.

REAL TALK answers real questions like-

• How do I survive my season of singleness?
• How do I successfully navigate online dating?
• How do I know if my date really likes me or just wants me?
• What qualities does God want me and my spouse to have before we marry?

Prepare for a life-long, fulfilling marriage and avoid becoming a broken relationship statistic. Make wise choices now with REAL TALK.


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Genre: Relationship
ASIN: B07D465L99
ISBN: 9780983855316
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eBook Price: 6.99
Real Talk Relationship Tips : A biblical perspective is a powerful book. We live in a world that glorifies dysfunctional relationships. However, the wisdom in this book gives us hope enter into relationships God’s way. Often we allow God access all the areas of lives accept for relationships. Minister Rickey Macklin speaks the truth and does the sugar coat his message. This book is filled with wisdom, sound doctrine and biblical truths. I love the fact that Minister Macklin is a straight shooter! We need more teaching like this in the world today. I choose to do relationships God’s way and can add this wisdom to my life. This book is a must have for your library!
– Kenisha Shamburger, Life Coach
Your book has encouraged me and has caused me to hold on to what I believe in and to honor God with my body. I will let my daughter read REAL TALK right before I think she has an interest in the opposite sex. I talk to her periodically about the consequences of any actions that go against the teachings of God. I will be sure to share with others.
– Shawna Thomas Bowman
FINALLY!… A book that addresses the “REAL” issues that couples face in relationships. This book is a MUST for all couples to have in their possession. “REAL TALK” will open the floodgates for honest and open communication for couples to explore what is the true foundation of their relationship.
– Manecia Mullins, Relationship Coach and Educator
With the first decade of the new millennium behind us, we have seen the attraction to and domination of “reality tv” programming. It is evident that people have a desire to watch and listen to “real talk”. What I love about Rickey Macklin’s Real Talk Relationship Tips is that it delves into the real talk foray with helpful tips, realistic scenarios and overall wise counsel – all through the lenses of a solid, biblical foundation. It is vitally important for the body of Christ to have a voice in every day matters that men and women face as they journey through life.
– Kelli Oldham, Minister
Rickey E. Macklin is dedicated to making sure believers experience the abundant life in their relationships. Despite your relationship status, he challenges you to live a life that pleases God and create an atmosphere that fosters love and respect. Rickey is one of the most “REAL” relationship experts in the Kingdom.
– Jesse Cole, Author, Teen Leadership Strategist
“Real Talk Relationship Tips – A Biblical Perspective” is the conversation you always wanted to have with your dad, brother or best male friend, but never did. In “Real Talk”, Rickey Macklin provides Biblical truth and “real talk” advice to varying stages of male-female relationships. From singleness to marriage, whether you are a male or a female, “Real Talk” is the foundational “how to” guide that will ensure you navigate each stage successfully.
– Natasha A. Pierre, Speaker and Trainer
Rickey Macklin is a phenomenal communicator and keenly understands relationships. I admire his encouraging, uplifting, real and upfront approach in dealing with relational matters. He writes with such grace & truth. His message is solid and through his personal experiences has helped multitudes of couples & singles build strong healthy & lasting relationships. I have personally been enriched by the wisdom and depth of insight the Lord has given to him. This book is a must read! His writing is relevant and practical is sure to impact your life.
– Pastor Shawn McBride, Founder/President Truth For Youth America
"Real Talk Relationship Tips” is the most comprehensive and diverse publication I have ever read! Rickey E. Macklin is giving some real talk, and I don’t mean sugar coating in any aspect of those words. He’s giving it straight just the way this society needs to hear it, and in a way that this society can fully understand it. If you fail to get this book, you will indeed miss some real talk!
– Winston Chaney, Morning Show Radio-One
"Real Talk Relationship Tips” is a must read! Rickey E. Macklin takes a keep it real approach that you can appreciate. The topics are real. There is something for every relationship whether you are in a good relationship or bad.
– Utokia Lanlgey, She’s Got Flavor
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About the Author
Rickey E. Macklin, MTS

Author, Minister, Teacher, Speaker, Certified Christian Life and Christian Relationship Coach, and United States Veteran, Rickey E. Macklin has devoted the past 20 years to assisting men, women, and young people with finding their God-given potential, purpose, and establishing healthy relationships. He is well known in the DC Metropolitan area, and up and down the East Coast for his passionate and purposeful teaching on relationships. He is adamant in helping others avoid the pitfalls of dead-end relationships and preventing divorces on this side of "I Do." He is the founder of CourtshipVsDating. He is also the author of seven books on topics of relationships, chivalry, and spiritual growth.

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