Courtship Commitment

commitmentCourtship Commitment

If you have reviewed the Courtship Process Model, I believe it’s pretty clear that courtship is a very serious commitment to enter into.  Anything less would be doing yourself, and others, a disservice and could create a potentially harmful situation.   We want to see you happily engaged in a relationship, but in a God-ordained relationship with someone who can truly complement you according to the plans and purposes you were designed to fulfill.  You are an amazing person and deserve nothing less than an amazing partner.

Having said that, we are asking you to make a commitment to the Courtship Process.  Here is what’s included in your commitment:

  • To seek God before seeking a mate
  • To pursue or accept a pursuit only when you’re emotionally available
  • To seek out accountability partners
  • To engage in courtship only when your intent is marriage
  • To not engage in courtship until you have clearly defined  core values/non-negotiables and boundaries
  • To protect the person you engage in courtship with – that incudes their heart, emotions and body too
  • To maintain integrity and transparency through the entire process
  • To engage in sound marital counseling before saying “I Do”


If you will commit to doing this, we will commit to giving you access to a “free” consultation to help you get started.

Here’s your homework assignment:list2

Take a few days and write down the things you refuse to compromise on. This list shouldn’t be too long, but the things you place on this list should be absolute must-haves to enter into a relationship. These are your non-negotiables/deal-breakers. Next, create a second list of the things you desire in a mate. Feel free to list as many things as you want. This is your “ideal spouse” list.  After you have completed the assignment, send that list to us at info@courtshipvsdating.  In the subject line, place “Core Values” or “Non-negotiables.”  Our team will respond to you within 48 hours regarding your list.

Thank you for your consideration, commitment, and making your relationship choices a serious matter.

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