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Are you tired of putting all your hopes and dreams into relationships that fail? Are you frustrated with the heartbreak and pain you encounter? Have you lost hope in finding someone worth marrying?

In Courtship: The 21st Century Process, author and relationship coach Rickey
Macklin uses his twenty years of experience to

  • illuminates what causes relationships to failed,
  • explore the principles of courtship, and
  • provide a solid strategy to help you maneuver your relationship choices.

Courtship is designed for a marriage-minded person, and this book gives a modern twist to the old ways–“vintage” made new. It offers a serious approach to a God-centered relationship with practical, 21st-century advice.


“Courtship The 21st Century Process” breathes a fresh perspective on the art of courtship providing a framework for couples to build a strong foundation.”

– Brandy Brown, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor

“You’ve done it again sir! This is a Beat Seller!!! “Courtship The 21st Century Process” is a well-written, impactful book that will save a lot of people from the hurt, heartache, and pain of relationships if they do it God’s Way! Well-done sir.”

– Pastor Walter Robertson, III, Union Baptist Church, Rembert, SC

“Courtship The 21st Century Process” perfectly marries sound biblical principles with practical wisdom for today. Whether you wish to be married someday or you are actively courting, this book is a must read with the view of attaining a successful, lasting and happy marriage.”

– Samantha Johnson, Investment Banker, Barbados

Courtship 21st Century Process by Ricky E. Macklin is a profound contribution to the literature base dealing with relationships. This comprehensive and insightful text provides keen insight and practical strategies on how to approach courtship with purpose from a biblical perspective. The author does an exceptional job of framing the concept of courting. He provided both historical and theological context in a manner that gives clarity to the meaning of the principles and the essentials of courtship.

Written by renowned courtship scholar, Rickey E. Macklin. This book provides a blueprint for readers who are looking to engage in the process of courtship with purpose and intentionality. The information shared throughout this textbook is extremely useful because it is a contemporary application of biblical principles that can provide a solid foundation and value to any relationship from the beginning of the dating process through marriage.  The author does an amazing job of communicating the importance of having purpose in a relationship. This book is intriguing from the beginning to the very end, even the appendices are noteworthy. In short, Courtship 21st Century Process is a dynamic, well thought out and well-written book that is certain to enlighten readers for years to come. – David Staten, Ph.D., CEO and Editor, HBCU Times Magazine

“Whoa! Whoa! Wait! I wasn’t ready for this read! Talk about a true heart to heart. Considering that I have read a plethora of books on this topic, this is truly not like any other! From identifying if you’re ready to begin a journey with a forever spouse, to what it really looks like while ACTUALLY COURTING another human being. It is explained in ways the mind can really understand. What a blessing Courtship The 21st Century Process has been. I’m encouraged in every way. I know you will be too!” – Adaisha Hendrix

“Courtship The 21st Century Process is so well written, encouraging and it gave me confidence in ensuring I have made a sound, reasonable, prayed about decisions as a young woman along this courtship journey. I enjoyed the quotes from Dr. Myles Monroe. Your story on how your parents looked at marriage and divorce not being an option was promising and relatable.

The most valuable takeaway for me was how courtship is biblical, moral, and can result in the ultimate goodness through the activation of its benefits, real commitment, security, and accountability. Your book is going to be a best-seller.  I hope to share this with my mate once it is published.” Congratulations to you Sir! – Nina Dixon, Executive Producer, and Host of In the Loop talk show, Toronto, Canada

“Courtship The 21st Century Process perfectly marries sound biblical principles with practical wisdom for today. With clear, concise and easy to understand steps throughout the process of courting your future spouse, it clearly identifies the pitfalls most of us make in our relationships as well as gives sound advice on how to avoid them. Whether you wish to be married someday or you are actively courting, this book is a must-read with the view of attaining a successful, lasting, and happy marriage.” – Samantha Johnson, Investment Banker, Barbados

“You’ve done it again sir! This is a Best Seller!!!

Quotes: Loved how you open with quotes for me this made me curious to see where you were going.

Introduction: strong, it expresses your passion and makes you want to read further.

Powerful points:

“How we choose a mate is critical to the success of the relationship.”

Good follow up speaking on the biblical institution of marriage.

  1. (Concerning the fruit of the spirit) “…A properly executed courtship will develop them all.’ My brother this is solid, profound advice. This section made me reflect upon whether I properly courted my wife, wow.
  2. ‘ Biblical courtship, at its fundamental source, is the preparation for marriage as God intended.” Now that’s a drop the mic and leave the stage statement, powerful…
  3. Those benefits of courtship were spot on, this whole book is NECESSARY!
  4. The opening of chapter 2 is powerful, the initial words on the beginning courtship left me speechless.
  5. For men, it is important that you are clear regarding your intentions.” This line alone will prevent a ton of heartache. “Powerful!”
  6. I love the example that you provide, they really solidify your point.
  7. That data collection really made a STRONG point…
  8. “You should be best friends by the time you say I do.” Brother, I need to quote you on this in marriage counseling sessions.
  9. Great advice on the relationship stages…
  10. “…respect is from truth and transparency.” Man, this is a # 1 Best Seller.
  11. ……..there was no need to read beyond chapter 4 until I buy this book and I’ve been married for 28 years. The truth is after 28 years of marriage and 31 years as a couple we are still courting.

This is a well-written, impactful book that will save a lot of people from the hurt, heartache, and pain of relationships if they do it God’s Way! Well-done sir.” – Pastor Walter Robertson, III, Union Baptist Church, SC

“What is always important to me is advice be based on the Word of God. The book, Courtship The 21st Century Process, provided Scripture for reference and reflection, and it was in a non-condescending manner; while also highlighting the consequences of making choices outside of God’s way. It allows for the reader to know the right course of action while giving space to make an informed decision and knowing possible consequences. Walking with Christ is not always easy, but it is doable and worth it. This book helps navigate our love life with God leading the way.” – Chareka Gadson, Lawyer

“Courtship The 21st Century Process is one of those books that grabs your attention from the start that you will not want to put down. This book is beautifully written and is THE standard for Believers to follow. Even if you’re not a Believer, you can still glean from this book. Regardless if you’re single, courting, engaged, or married, there are great takeaways for everyone!

Author Rickey E. Macklin produces wise courtship principles from a practical perspective. This book is a MUST read for those desiring change, and for those that desire to one day have a successful courtship and marriage.” Tiffany M. Miller, Certified Behavioral Therapist

“Courtship: The 21st Century Process is a practical guide to courting in our current times. Rickey Macklin does an excellent job of explaining what it means to be in the courting process while providing biblical principles that both men and women should follow. With the high divorce rate and advances in technology, it has made relationships in the 21st century to be challenging. However, Rickey gives hope to believe true love is attainable, encouragement to participate in the courtship process, and guidance to achieve a healthy, loving marriage — all in this book. I would recommend this book to the couple who is serious about marrying one another and has the desire to begin their relationship in a manner that would lead to a successful marriage.” – Jacqueline Prather, Associate Minister, Mount Zion Baptist Church, Arlington VA

“What’s next?  Courtship: The 21st Century Process answers this question.  This book is a guidepost for adult singles, married couples that need to refocus, and young adults seeking guidance through the selection process of a life partner.  Rickey E. Macklin does an extraordinary job of teaching biblical principles and accountability as coupes move through the courtship process.  Courtship: A 21st Century Approach lays out a strategic approach to what comes after the “getting to know you” phase and how to build a foundation for a successful life together.   As I read, I found so many opportunities for reflection and self-analysis of my own beliefs and practices.  In Courtship: A 21st Century Process, Rickey E. Macklin has paid out a roadmap for how two shall become one.  He clearly establishes standards for accountability, responsibility, and commitment.  By the end of the book you should have reached a “fix your crown” moment and ask yourself are you ready to BE the king or queen for the mate you want by your side? – Shannon Boyd Rush, Education Specialist, Ga

“I enjoyed reading Courtship: The 21st Century Process. This book is a great read that is full of spiritual wisdom and practical advice. It is a great introductory book for believers in Christ; providing us with the foundational truths that are pivotal to understanding the importance of preparing for a lifelong commitment that is not just a marriage, but holy matrimony. This book confirmed what the Heavenly Father teaches me directly and therefore reassured me that I am in my Heavenly Father’s will and divine path that will eventually lead me to my lifelong partner who is the husband God has for me. I recommend reading this book as a supplemental resource to seeking God’s plan pertaining to how He is preparing you for your future spouse. We each must be prepared so we can be graced and favored by God before our spouse arrival” – Johniece Johnson, Holistic Life & Relationship Wellness Coach

“Courtship The 21st Century Process breathes a fresh perspective on the art of courtship providing a framework for couples to build a strong foundation. Mr. Macklin takes the traditional approach to courtship and makes it relevant for couples in today’s society where courtship only seems to be a thing of the past. His approach to courtship is practical yet biblically sound, offering hope for the single person to find direction in God’s word and ultimately a successful marriage”. – Brandy Brown, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor

“Have you asked yourself the following questions:  Why am I not married yet?  How do I court someone in ways that honors my values, and leads to a Godly union?  What must I do to show that I am ready for courtship and marriage?

Minister Rickey Macklin’s brilliance and 20 years of experience as a Relationship Coach brings exciting and insightful, yet practical wisdom about courting.  This book emphasizes that Godly principles in courting can guide you to a successful relationship and more importantly a lasting marriage.

I was inspired after reading quotes such as “choose someone to not only handle where you are going but to embrace what you’ve already been through.”  These nuggets of knowledge are layered throughout this book.  It has given me hope that my divinely ordained mate is just a prayer away.

I highly recommend this book to everyone who desires to have a better understanding of courtship, wants to be successful at it, and those who aspire to be married.” – Celitta Jackson, LCPC, NBCC, M. ED

“I previously thought I would require more time to actually dissect the manual, However, once I started reading it, it proved to be such a compelling read that I was done with it in a quick time. This manuscript was quite detail-oriented and the rhythm was extraordinary. I recall reading through a few chapters and towards the end, I would ask a question which to my comfort would be answered in the next chapter. Having all my queries answered was simply outstanding.

Moreover, the level of communication used in each chapter was quite clear and would be relatable to anyone. Also, the concepts explained were not merely theoretical but were accompanied by a plethora of detailed practical examples the reader could follow. Therefore, after reading about a certain aspect of courtship, the reader is now able to pick a few examples listed to put into practice and see the reward of their fruit as often times there is a huge discrepancy in theoretic knowledge and practical application, especially for such a key topic.

Overall, this manuscript was immensely thought-provoking and I learned innumerable aspects of courtship and applications that I had no prior knowledge of. This is a book I’d read constantly to refresh my memory for future reference and surely recommend to my peers.” – Brittany James, College Student, St Lucia

“The book was very concise and easy to read. Truly, I really didn’t understand a lot of things about Courtship. This book helped me a lot. It’s almost like a textbook, and I can see a lot of people not only reading it but studying it. It broke courtship down step by step and included a lot of information concerning the process, which I definitely was unclear about. I now have more clarity about it.

I especially liked the focus on seeking God and praying about the person you are thinking about being with. I know that is one thing that could have made a lot of difference to a whole lot of people’s relationships, especially mine. All in all, I really liked this book.” – Brittany Jolly

“I finished reading and I must say that I absolutely love it!! I believe that every person on this planet should read it, single and married. It has very helpful tips and tools. You know these past few weeks I’ve witnessed women being murdered by their partners and it has really touched my heart. Beautiful smart women are being killed every day because they are with the wrong person. Also, men are being destroyed by vicious women. I believe and pray that your book will change lives and bring healing in relationships and bring out strong godly marriages. I believe courtship is the best way of doing things and that’s why I love your book.” – Whitney Renfurm, South America

“If you are looking for a book to help you along the journey of courtship leading to marriage, Courtship The 21st Century Process is the book to implement into that journey. It helps to put the relationship with whom you desire to link a lifetime interest into a biblical perspective. Biblical courtship is one of unselfish desire with total dependence on God. It is to seek God and to find out if it’s His will that you and the other party enter into a signed and sealed covenant before Him which is what the book entails. The book also went into deeper details on the ways of how to not selfishly gratify yourself by awakening love before it’s time as the famous King Solomon stated. But to have self-control holding yourselves accountable, and by being cautious about the other person’s emotions which is indeed very wise. As a woman, having our emotions awakened before its time is a serious issue. I would advise you to get this book as this book has much more information that is interesting and vital for you to know on your journey to a healthy Christ-like union.” – Patrina Dunn, College Student

Overall you did a wonderful job with “Courtship The 21st Century Process”. I loved the quotes and references used in the book. My ultimate favorite chapter was the 4th chapter.  I loved a specific phrase from that particular chapter and I’m a sucka of course for the “Love is…run down.” I believe that was in chapter two. Hit that rundown to my boyfriend the other night. lol

Again, congratulations & keep up the great work. – Dominque McCracken

“Courtship The 21st Century Process” is the modern-day guide for successful courting.

This book is laid out in such a way that you will be able to quickly assimilate the teaching and apply it practically.

Rickey Macklin does a wonderful job painting a picture of what God has designed relationships for and how each step of the process honors God and your beloved.

Reading through the book, I found myself encouraged and caught myself smiling at the thought of how many people, myself included, will be blessed in reading and applying the principles contained within.” –  Renee Trehern-Collier, Fire, and EMS Business Consultant.

“I loved how this book went in-depth with definitions to explain and clarify things. I was reminded and encouraged in simple but profound things such as the importance of prayer and how it all ties in.  One of my favorite parts of the book was the 7 keys to a successful relationship. Overall this book was an easy read that broke down simple biblical principles in a way that could be understood. It definitely encouraged me in my walk as a single Christian and gave me much wisdom to pull from.” – Raeann Campayne, B.A.

“Many that push the idea of courtship and marriage often lose sight of the importance of prayer and continuously seeking God — I  believe that when this happens courtship and marriage become an idol. I  did not feel like that as I read “Courtship The 21st Century Process”. Not too sure if it is just me but I love how closely it relates to nurturing our very own relationship with our Heavenly Father. I  also appreciate your realness in what you suggest/not suggest and your examples. You didn’t try to “sugarcoat” or tickle anyone’s ear when it comes to TRUE biblical courtship.” – Kayla Fields

“Courtship The 21st Century Process book is a wonderful extension of the workshop in which it is named after.  We couldn’t get all of this in just one workshop!  The book is very detailed in its delivery.  Rickey Macklin is very passionate about the subject “Courtship vs Dating “.  I’ve heard him over the years of teaching in different places, and I believe that it doesn’t matter if you are single, married, divorced, or widowed that there will be something said that will cause you to examine your heart and that it will bring change to your life.  One of the most important factors is that you need to fall in love with God first before you get into a relationship with anyone else. Praying will help to enhance your life with God through prayer to know what your Purpose is.
Building an authentic friendship outside of romance is the best way to get to know one another.
In the book, we can also see that being content and being consistent helps to build trust, which is very important in developing a healthy relationship.  Get to know one another…..  Learn to keep things right with one another, by apologizing and asking for forgiveness quickly.
Communication is everything.  We are constantly growing and changing as individuals, and that’s why constant communication is so important to a thriving relationship with our partner.
This book gives great insight into building God-centered relationships.   Even if you are already married, but need to have a reset in your relationship, there is something for you too!” – Monika Robinson


About the Author
Rickey E. Macklin, MTS

Author, Minister, Teacher, Speaker, Certified Christian Life and Christian Relationship Coach, and United States Veteran, Rickey E. Macklin has devoted the past 20 years to assisting men, women, and young people with finding their God-given potential, purpose, and establishing healthy relationships. He is well known in the DC Metropolitan area for his passionate and purposeful teaching on relationships. He is adamant in helping others avoid the pitfalls of dead-end relationships and preventing divorces on this side of “I Do.” He is the founder of CourtshipVsDating. He is also the author of seven books on topics of relationships, chivalry, and spiritual growth.
Rickey E. Macklin
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