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Rickey E. Macklin is an a Certified Christian Relationship & Life Coach through the American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC).  He has a Masters in Theological Studies, author of six books, and for many years taught Christian Apologetics and served as Director of both the Singles and Youth Ministries at Jericho City of Praise church in Landover, MD.

With a passion in the area of relationships, two years ago Rickey started the Courtship vs. Dating Facebook social media page.  Today, the site has reach more than 50,000 followers.    He and his team are purposeful on leading singles and young adults “Back to the Basics” (B2B).  Our mission is to spread the word about the different results achieved when one understands the purpose of courting versus the purpose of dating.  We are steadily making an impact around the world in over 45 different countries.

Rickey E. Macklin and his team have been conducting relationship workshops for over 10 years, which have significantly impacted the lives of countless singles and young adults. Our goal is to tackle the ills of broken relationships and the high divorce rate. We’re not implying that courtship is the only answer.  However, we are suggesting that we return to the fundamental principles of protection, respect, loyalty, accountability and honor; a time when the intent of the relationship was made clear from the very beginning.  Here we emphasize biblical courtship.  Although the term is not found in the bible, the concept is found throughout.  Godly marriages never followed the system of boyfriends and girlfriends or let’s try it out and see where it goes.  Rather, relationships were strategic, purposeful and of significant intent.   The man was to find a wife which presupposed both he and the lady were already marriage minded.   Our goal here is to assist in leading individuals and couples back to these simple but most needed  basics principles.

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Workshop, Seminars, Appearances and Speaking Locations

  • Jericho City of Praise, MD
  • New Home Baptist Church, MD
  • Evangel Cathedral Church, MD
  • Gaines Baptist Church, SC
  • Bowie & Greenbelt Libraries
  • First Baptist Church of Sterling, VA
  • Empowered Women Ministries, DE
  • Camden First United Methodist Church, SC
  • Reid Temple AME Church, MD
  • Survival Radio & Prophetic Flow Blog Radio Stations, MD
  • WIS-TV10 ‘Talk of The Town’  SC
  • Sanders Creek Baptist Church, SC
  • Faith Christian Church & International Outreach Center, VA
  • The Sanctuary Church, MD
  • Mt Jezreel Baptist Church, MD
  • Galilee Baptist Church, MD
  • One Accords Events- Maryland-Eastern Shore College
  • The Lord’s Church of The Harvest, MD
  • Mirror Mirror, MD
  • Prince Georges’ Community College, MD
  • Cathedral of Praise, SC
  • Greater Faith and Joy Tabernacle, SC
  • Heaven 1580 & WYCB 1340 Radio Stations
  • Master’s Child Church, MD
  • Greater Mt Calvary Holiness Church, DC
  • Life Giving Outreach Ministries, SC
  • One Accords Events Atlanta, GA


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