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Real Committment

There is no courtship without commitment.   In fact, if you’re not ready to commit, you aren’t ready to court.   While dating may string you along for years, courtship requires a true commitment from each person. Commitment is dedication—faithfulness and loyalty—to a decision that you have made.  Since courtship requires commitment, it requires and teaches you to have the ability to ‘hang in there’ even when things aren’t going your way.  On the contrary, dating enables you to ‘break off’ relations during hard times, conditioning you more for a divorce than a marriage.

More Security

It would be nice if, in every home, there was a loving father available to relieve his daughter’s ‘relationship stresses’ by screening every potential candidate.  It would also be nice if every young man—or growing boy’s father was available and capable of teaching him how to protect and care for a woman, especially her heart.  Unfortunately, neither of these are the case. Our hearts were not made to be trampled on.  Proper courtship, contrary to dating which can leave you open and exposed, provides true security.


Accountability is the obligation of an individual to account for their activities and accept responsibility. Teenagers often misunderstand this word, confusing its meaning with that of control or dictation. Accountability is answerability, and it is something that is considered by those who want to see us strive, do well in life, and make good decisions. As adults, we are reminded of our accountability by close friends, mentors and spiritual leaders.  We tend to be much more responsible when we know that we are being held accountable. “Where no counsel is, the people fall: but in the multitude of counselors there is safety.” Prov. 11:14

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Rickey Macklin taught on Courtship vs. Dating…..WOW!!!!! All I can say is Randolph Potter I love you soooo much! You did NOT date me, you COURTED me, cultivated & built a friendship w/me, you sought to marry me instead of casually date me, you found value and purpose in who I was and developed a vision for our future. You did not rush me to the altar. I was NOT a sexual object for you but a gift from God that you waited for until marriage. Thank you Rickey Macklin for your ministry. EVERY SINGLE PERSON NEEDS TO HEAR THIS!

Alishia Louis-Potter

VincentAndDionneWe both agreed to take to the Courtship vs. Dating class to gain greater insight on the courtship process before getting married. Even though we both knew we were for each other, the class taught us what was required of both the man and the woman. As a result of the class, we both agreed to separate ourselves for a time to fast and pray for clarity from God. In 2015, we will be celebrating 8yrs of marriage.   The Courtship vs. Dating classes is a must for all Christian singles and Christian couples who are seeking biblical principles to follow in a godly relationship.

Vincent & Dionne Bush

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