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Courtship The 21st Century Process

Rickey’s New Book! (August 15, 2020)

Courtship is designed for the marriage-minded person and this book gives a modern twist to the old ways – “vintage” made new. It offers a serious approach to a God-centered relationship with practical, 21st-century advice.

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Real Committment

  There is no courtship without intentionality and commitment. If you are not ready to truly commit to a lasting relationship, you are not ready to court. While in dating, a person may string you along for years with empty promises and no assurance, courtship requires true commitment from each person. Commitment in courtship is your dedication, faithfulness, and loyalty to the decision that you have made to the other person.

More Security

Proper courtship fortifies trust, relieves insecurities, and focuses attention on serving each other. Courtship stands guard over the relationship and protects the heart and the vulnerabilities of your mate. The security creates a safe environment through consistency which allows the couple to genuinely get to know one another.


Accountability is the obligation or willingness to accept responsibility for one’s actions. For accountability in a relationship to work, both partners must be vulnerable, honest, trusting, and transparent. In courtship, there are two forms of accountability, external and internal. External: This is typically established between close friends, mentors, or spiritual leaders. Internal: This is the most important accountability relationship to establish between the courting couple. 

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Rickey Macklin taught on Courtship vs. Dating…..WOW!!!!! All I can say is Randolph Potter I love you soooo much! You did NOT date me, you COURTED me, cultivated & built a friendship w/me, you sought to marry me instead of casually date me, you found value and purpose in who I was and developed a vision for our future. You did not rush me to the altar. I was NOT a sexual object for you but a gift from God that you waited for until marriage. Thank you Rickey Macklin for your ministry. EVERY SINGLE PERSON NEEDS TO HEAR THIS!
Alishia Louis-Potter

VincentAndDionneWe both agreed to take to the Courtship vs. Dating class to gain greater insight on the courtship process before getting married. Even though we both knew we were for each other, the class taught us what was required of both the man and the woman. As a result of the class, we both agreed to separate ourselves for a time to fast and pray for clarity from God. In 2015, we will be celebrating 8yrs of marriage.   The Courtship vs. Dating classes is a must for all Christian singles and Christian couples who are seeking biblical principles to follow in a godly relationship.
Vincent & Dionne Bush

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