Wrong One

How many of you almost married the wrong person?  Okay – let me ask a different question.  How many of you know someone who married someone they later wished they had not married?  In this article, I wanted to share a testimony I found online from an anonymous source regarding someone she almost married.  I believe it will be a great help to you.  Feel free to leave your comments and check out our article 5 Types of People Who are Not Relationship Ready.

Here’s her testimony:

I have a story to tell, though we didn’t make it to the altar (Thank God) and thus didn’t have to go through divorce. I ended things before he could propose to me.

I’ll keep this short. I thought this man was the one I was to marry based on the following:all his qualities lined up with what I wrote down for what I wanted in a husband

  • a specific prayer that God give me a specific confirmation that he was the one
  • prophets/pastors telling me that I would meet him in a particular time frame
  • prophets/pastors then confirming that he was the one
  • his great knowledge of Scripture and faith in us as a couple
  • other confirmations via prayer and signs

When did I learn he wasn’t the man God had for me:

  • his cheating and lying
  • his mentally and emotionally abusing me
  • other things I care not to mention
  • at times, it appeared he was the devil himself (no lie)

The discovery of him not being my future husband tore me up BIG time because I wondered how I misread God. I just didn’t and couldn’t understand what happened. I felt like I had covered all my bases – prayer, seeking counsel, and seeking confirmation. As time went on and my heart healed, I learned what happened.

The enemy is a great deceiver and will have you thinking God is at work when it is really him at work. Additionally, at least in my case, this was a lesson that I should rely on 1) Scripture and 2) Obedience and not on outwards signs, confirmations, and prophets/pastors. What do I mean? Throughout our relationship, I only obeyed God 50% of the time and adhered to only 50% of the Scripture.

  • I ignored Scripture that pointed to being “equally yoked”; this man was a Christian Buddhist. I thought that was sufficient.
  • I ignored the command to refrain from “sexual immorality”. This man and I were having premarital sex.
  • I ignored Scripture that pointed towards us being part of the “Body of Christ” and being part of the “church”. This man refused to attend church with me or church at all. He was good at quoting Scriptures, but we never meditated on it, prayed on it, or anything.

So, had I focused on these two things associated with Scripture AND Obedience, I would’ve recognized early on that he wasn’t sent to be my husband. Sometimes, I think we place too much stock in confirmations and signs. Don’t get me wrong; God does speak to us in such manners at times. However, I think majority of the time, God isn’t “talking” that much. He wants us to “listen” to our inner spirit, and the best way to do that is to adhere to His Word (i.e., Scripture) and His Commands (i.e., obedience).

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